Logic Print - budgeting and management software for graphic arts

Logic Print languages                

Logic Print is currently available in the following languages:

English (inches/pounds version)

English (metric system version)

Spanish / Castellano

French / Français

Portuguese / Português

Italian / Italiano

Romanian / Român



Would you like Logic Print in your own language and for free?

Translate the texts of the software yourself and receive in return:

- Logic Print Premium 20 Sites.

12 months of technical support by email.

- Free updates until the release of the next annual version.

- You can become the exclusive distributor of the software in your language.


What is the process?

1st. You get a table with the original texts in English. You write the translation by typing directly into the boxes on the table. Based on earlier translations the estimated time of this task is 20-25 hours.

2nd. You send the table with the revised texts and we create the software in your language and send it for you to review the texts in context. You may wish to change some text and send back the table.

3rd. Point 2 may be repeated, until you consider that the translated version is OK. The estimated time for points 2 and 3 is 10 hours.

Total estimated time for translation: 30-35 hours.


If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to contact.